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Greece Property News

New direct flights from Shanghai to Athens to begin on June 15

Direct flights from Shanghai to Athens At the initiative of a Chinese travel agency – Tourists will then have the option to travel to Santorini and Mykonos. Another “gateway” for Greek tourism opens on June 15 with the launch of the first direct flight from Shanghai to Athens. One flight will operate per week until 19 October 2014 at the initiative of Shanghai Worke... [Read More]

The Economic Crisis and Retardants of Growth in Greece

Dear friends, With pleasure, we present the article of our dear friend Dr. George Atsalakis, in regards to the economic crisis and retardants of growth in Greece that has been published in the American scientific Journal:  International Journal of Sustainable Economies Management (IJSEM) It is present the real reasons that the Greek financial crisis has happened and how it can be overc... [Read More]

The Polytechnic University of Chania is consulting the « Silk Road »

Another success for the University of Crete (based in Chania), which have been appointed as Consultants for the "Silk Road" in International Trade Chamber and signed a protocol of cooperation between the International Commerce Chamber (International Chamber of Commerce - ICC), National Greek Committee and the School Production Engineering and Management of the University of Crete.   The In... [Read More]

Cooperation Technical University of Crete - University Foundation of China Institute of Chania

Cooperation Technical University of Crete - University Foundation of China Institute of Chania   An Institute for learning the Chinese language and dissemination of Chinese culture will be established at the Technical University of Crete! The TUC and the University Guangxi University of China agreed and signed a cooperation agreement in which included a request for an Institute of Confuciu... [Read More]

Property investment the safest asset - Why

Why property beats all other investment For many investors, the real estate market is so much easier to understand, forget about stocks’ ratios such as PE and Quick Ratio or the technical analysis etc. The property has to do with real values, let’s face it, people can see that there is a property bubble or there is a shortage of housing supply in a specific neighborhood.  Specul... [Read More]

'Day of Greece' at the New York Stock Exchange

The New York Stock Exchange in cooperation with Capital Link organized this Tuesday 13/12/2016 the 'Day of Greece' at the New York Stock Exchange. Within this spectrum, the Greek Minister of Environment & Energy, Mr. Giorgos Stathakis, mounted the Greek flag on Wall Street and rang the bell of the start of NYSE operations.... [Read More]

Properties For Sale In Santorini

Santorini Property     Snapshot of Santorini Property market: Why Invest In Santorini Properties? - Santorini Property Insight Market  Info  High Rental Yields: Perhaps Santorini property market is one of the top rental yield performer markets in Europe!  Yes... true.. just take a look how much the rooms are selling in different touristic si... [Read More]

Conversation with Haris Menelaou about Gate and the Greek property market

1.      Please tell us a bit more about your company and what makes you so special?   Our team, the people, the diverse experience which the group has as every single colleague carries with him/her a lot of years of experience in real estate plus academic knowledge, together with our passion for excellence and what we do (real estate).  We go beyond the client... [Read More]

Latest News of Greek economy

Article published on from Mr. Panayiotis Sotiris This is how Greece will get into QE - The Draghi role and what will happen to the economy.  Mario Draghi leaves QE prolongation, but for Greece may not be easy to join. It was Mario Draghi's last major political decision as Governor of the European Central Bank. Despite the backlash from central bankers such as Germany, it has ensur... [Read More]

Property Price Rate Increase of Greece ranked Fifth in the EU among the top country performers for the last three months of 2019

The Greek Property Market is notably showing a come back and the property prices kept rising in Athens. ‘Kathimerini’ newspaper noted interesting stats last week, showing the Greek housing market and specifically property price increase in the fifth place among all the EU countries top performers (see next page graph) in the third quarter of 2019. Kathimerini noted that according to ... [Read More]