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Building 'gates' for investments in Europe

We have in mind the following when it comes to building, assisting, a new enterprise, which it's covered very well in a learning course from RICS 'FUNDAMENTALS OF CORPORATE REAL ESTATE', and we would like to quote it: Sustainability: As the global economy endures turmoil, volatility, and environmental impacts, CRE (Corporate Real Estate) teams are under intense pressure to accommodate demands for... [Read More]

EU business opportunities in real estate

At Gate, we have developed two core teams and we're specialized on maximizing the value of every real estate investor, plus we offer high worth holiday properties too.   Our focused markets are, Greece and Cyprus, and the most upcoming capital city of Europe, Berlin; additional we offer a selection of fine properties in London.  ... [Read More]

Cyprus Tax Incentives

Tax Incentives   Cyprus has a significantly upgraded image as a jurisdiction since its EU Accession on 1 May 2004. With the enactment of its New Tax Legislation on 1 January 2003 (including 3 amending laws, the last one in November 2004) and the abolition of the “offshore regime”, Cyprus has put a simplified, effective and transparent tax system in place that is... [Read More]

Property For Sale In Cyprus

For Sale Property In Cyprus  The island`s geographical location, at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, makes it easily accessible and foreign participation in the Cyprus economy is officially encouraged. Tax incentives and a high standard of living have led to the development of Cyprus as an important financial center and there is a growing awareness among many fore... [Read More]

Structuring Investments in the property market

The purpose of our Investment RE Advisory team is to set forth some of the most important legal and tax issues of our Clients' real estate property portfolios.  We represent our foreign investors in Greece and Cyprus. We analyze every need and aspect of involvement of our clients, determining what kind and type of structure to set up and move forward with their investments. ... [Read More]

Set up of EU Business

Our legal and accounting teams have an exceptional track record in assisting clients in all aspects of finance work and guiding them through the industry’s ever-changing legal landscape. Our specialist banking lawyers are able to advise on the structuring, documentation, and negotiation of all aspects of transactional work (including the taking and enforcement of security and the regulation ... [Read More]

Investment Diversification

Having the teams on the grounds in more than one countries, enable us to diversify our clients' wealth into niche properties either in Greece, Cyprus, Berlin or London markets.   Our core strategy is to create real estate portfolios with more value with less impact and risks.  However, we absolutely agree with some corporate real estate Professionals, '' It's important for your (client... [Read More]