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Greek island for sale For Sale in Mykonos

The island is 1.200 stremma or 1.200.000 square meters or 276 acres.  It is private island and it is located at the Aegean sea at the Cyclades complex and it is 5 min from Amorgos island were all the speed boats and ferry lines go. 

On the island there is an old house where the old family used to live,a church of Saint George,two natural harbors for the boats and many caves that make the island wonderfull and someone can use it as a diving park.  The waters are crystal clear. 

The island provides electricity, telephone lines and drinking water and all kind of development can be done because of the flat terrain of the island.It has two natural wells with clean water and someone except of keeping it as an island for vacation or diving park can be interested of investing on the island by producing wind power or electricity or photovoltaic power or bottling water.  Someone also can be interested of making it a resort, casino, villas or a hotel.  It can also be used as a sports resort and it can be made a yacht marina and helipads.T he island has all the licenses and permits to be sold from the government.

The place of the island is appropriate for someone that wants to do many excursions or invest on the island because it is in the center of the Aegean sea and many islands are around it.  Amorgos, Keros and Naxos are the closest.  The island is very productive because of the flat terrain that it has and all kind of investment can be made.  It is near Amorgos island and has building permits for tourist investment and for villas.

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